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Race report: 2014 Lliswerry 8M

2014–02–04 15:23

Handicapped by a chest infection.

On the 26th of January I took part in the Lliswerry 8 mile road race. I was tempted into it by a mixture of the timing (as I had nothing else lined up until March race wise) and the fact that it is billed as the ‘flattest on the planet!’. It seemed a matter of proper balance to enter, given I’ve put in for events like Bwystfil y Bryn too.

Enforced rest

Unfortunately, a week before the race I … Read more

Calorie use and consumption

2014–01–03 20:37

Food for thought

I had a really nice surprise for reverse-easter. My father gifted me a running watch and associated heart rate monitor. Specifically I received a Garmin Forerunner 910XT. Needless to say I’m made up. Highly generous of the man. I must have done something right during the year.

My use of the watch so far has been limited to the few runs I’ve done since reverse-easter. Nevertheless, that has been … Read more

Some placing statistics

2013–12–09 11:30

Histograms > pie charts.

Now that I’ve made it through the rash of races that took place during the last three months, I thought it a good moment to have a quick look at the results from a statistical point of view. (As an incidental aside: you in fact can get a rash from racing). My training runs tend to be quite variable in terms of performance, so I’ve limited the dataset to timed races I’ve participated in, and … Read more

Race report: 2013 Elan Valley 10M

2013–12–09 11:25

A long way to drive for an hour and a bit of running.

The Elan Valley 10M road race was not something that was even on my radar until The Baker suggested it to Team AM. It’s quite out of the way for us folk in the South of Wales, being organised by Rhayader Running/Athletics Club. Nevertheless, I’d not done a ten mile race before, and the out of the way nature of it made it seem like a bit of an adventure. Additionally, the map of the course that the … Read more

Race report: 2013 Movember 10K

2013–12–08 21:07

I grew a face-bastard.

Movember, as a concept, is an odd one in my mind. “Grow a moustache”, they say. “For charity”, they say. I’m not sure I know anyone that would pay me not to shave. I do however know that I would pay to run a race that the proceeds go to charity, and luckily that is an option.

I decided that I would go to the effort of growing a moustache — or ‘mo’ to use the … Read more